Sailing Holidays in Greece

Want to organize your sailing Holidays in Greece? 

We will try to give you as much information as we can find about sailing in Greece.
Whether one wishes to sail for pleasure or for high endurance sport, Greece can satisfy all sailing expectations.
Greece is considered as a paradise for sailing and offers, with its many gulfs and archipelagos, all kind of seas and winds.
A trip in the Greek seas on a pleasure bareboat, privately owned or chartered, is a unique experience.
Greece offers more than 2000 islands and islets of which only the 169 are inhabited, each and every one of them offering unique beauty, charm and many bays only accessible by boat.

The winds in Greece:
Concerning Greece sailing, the country’s winds can be divided in two sea regions: the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea.

The Aegean Sea Winds  usually blow during the summer season, from May to September, but they are particularly known for the months of July and August. Those winds are called “Meltemi” and they are mostly blowing during the day and their average duration is from 2 to 4 days.
The “Meltemi” do not have the same direction in all the regions of the Ionian Seas. In the North Aegean, they come from the NE, in the central Aegean (Cyclades) from the North and in the South Aegean from the NW. The intensity of the winds depends on the region. One of the stronger Meltemi can be found in the Island of Naxos, in the Cyclades, which attracts many windsurfers.
Many winds blow on the Aegean Sea also during the winter with a power of 8-9 Beaufort.

The Ionian Sea Winds  usually appear during summer season and are called “Maistros”. They are blowing from the NW. The winter winds of the Ionians are called “Sirocco”

Famous sailing Areas:
Poros Sailing, Lefkada Sailing and more info: Hydra Sailing, Paros Sailing, Skiathos Sailing, Alonissos Sailing, Corfu Sailing and more…

An insider’s tip: the best period for those who wish to sail during winter, is the “Alkyonides” days, the so-called “short summer”, in the middle of January. This is a good time to appreciate the beauty of stunning seascapes, picturesque villages, archaeological sites, and wonderful pine-clad landscapes.
In the serene atmosphere of the islands enjoy real Greece as you mingle with the locals in tavérnas and in “kafeneía”, and become part of the true “Island culture”.

Sailing in the Saronic Islands and Argolic Gulf

If you are willing to sail near Athens, the Saronic Islands and the east coast of Peloponnese will satisfy your demands for a safe trip in calm waters. In close proximity to the Attica Prefecture (where Athens belongs) are some wonderful sailing routes that offer ideal sailing conditions, clean and calm waters, splendid coasts and different Islands to explore. The Saronic Islands of Aegina, Poros, Hydra and Spetses are the most popular sailing destinations.

In the Argolic Gulf and along the east coast of Peloponnese you can make use of superb sailing and well-organized port facilities in the historical cities of Nafplion and Tolo, and marinas in Porto Heli, Astros and Leonidio.

Sailing in the Cyclades Islands

Sail across the deep blue of the Aegean Sea, amongst the island cluster of Cyclades, famous for its picturesque whitewashed houses, traditional character, cosmopolitan lifestyle, sun-kissed beaches, thousands of bays and creeks, and superb clear crystal waters. Sailing in Cyclades Greece is a wonderful and memorable experience!

The Cyclades Islands Cluster is split up into 3 groups:

* the Southern Cyclades Islands: Milos, Kimolos, Folegadros, Sikinos, Ios, Santorini (Thira) and Anafi
* the Middle Cyclades Islands: Serifos, Sifnos, Paros, Antiparos, Naxos and Amorgos
* the Little Cyclades Islands: Schinoussa, Iraklia, Koufonisia and Donoussa
* the Northern Cyclades Islands: Kea, Kythnos, Andros, Syros, Tinos, Mykonos, Delos and Rinia.

Sailing the Dodecanese Islands

The beautiful Dodecanese Islands are located in Southeast Aegean. They are known for their excellent climate, clear sandy beaches, exquisite natural attractions and impressive historical and religious monuments.

The Dodecanese Islands Cluster is comprised of Rodos (Rhodes), Kos, Kalymnos, Patmos, Leros, Astypalea, Kasos, Karpathos, Nissiros, Symi, Tilos and Kastelorizo, as well as a number of smaller islands.

Sailing the Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are considered as the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

They are located in the Ionian Sea, off the west coast of Greece, and they are composed of the beautiful islands of Corfu, Paxi and Antipaxi, Lefkada, Ithaki, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Meganissi, Kalamos and Kythira.

Go on a leisure cruise along the open Ionian Sea, and take enjoyable and relaxed sailing holidays!

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