Mystical, magical, breathtaking Meteora

Meteora, one of the most amazing places in Greece, if not in the world!

In fact, the producers of James Bond found them so impressive that they had Roger Moore climb the stone face of one of its rocks in the movie “For Your Eyes Only”.

Meteora, are giant rock formations crowned with five-hundred year old monasteries which look like they are inaccessible to anyone but … God ! It’s a rare geological phenomenon, one of nature’s mysteries. However, as amazing a marvel of nature as these imposing rocks are, the monasteries built on the top of these, are a marvel of man and seem just as miraculous.  In order to build them, monks were bringing material and people up with ladders and baskets! This was also how the monasteries were reached until the nineteen thirties but (don’t worry!) now there are pathways and steps to the top.

The word “Meteora” in Greek means literally ‘hovering in the air’ and if you have visited Meteora or seen pictures, the name makes absolute sense. Being inaccessible to the Turks during the Ottoman occupation, it was these monasteries that kept alive the Hellenic culture and traditions and were not only religious centers but academic and artistic as well.

Meteora is a natural work of art, a visual feast for the soul, a divine destination not to be missed in your next trip to Greece!