Kalimnos Island, the Climber’s paradise!

Set deep in the heart of the Aegean Sea, lies the traditional and homely island of Kalymnos, just a few miles off of the Turkish coast and very close to the world famous holiday destination of Kos Island.
A few years ago, you would have heard of Kalymnos only if you were interested in buying some sea sponges! It was only around 1996 that climbers discovered Kalymnos and since then the island has become a world famous climbing destination, home to some of the most amazing rock climbing you’ll ever experience.

Nowadays, Kalymnos attracts sport climbers from all over the globe, all year round, giving life to an island that was “unknown” (and therefore unspoiled) even to Greek people. Ironic, if you think of the fact that the locals always blamed these rocky mountains for their bad luck and for not being an attractive travel destination like the rest of the Greek islands!!!

What is so special about rock climbing on Kalymnos Island that makes it a top destination worldwide?

  • Great rock quality: too many good quality rocks close to each other. Could be compared to Thailand rocks in quality but are superior in density.
  • Surrounded by some of the finest limestone crags in the world, offering a huge range of climbing possibilities to suit every style. Over the past few years, the development of new routes on the island has increased greatly with more and more new lines every year, including now what is approaching 2000 routes! In addition, there are still unlimited unexplored sectors, waiting for pioneers to map and explore them. Will you be the one?
  • Routes of all range of difficulty: no matter if you are a beginner or a high demanding top climber, you will definitely find the proper route for you.
  • Easy access: Kalymnos is a small island and most of the cliffs are just 5-10 minutes driving and 5-20 minutes walking distance.
  • Excellent weather conditions all year round but the best time to visit Kalymnos for rock climbing is during either the autumn (September – November) or spring (March – May). In July and August expect it to be quite hot! However, even during that period, the famous Aegean Sea wind “meltemi” will cool you down and as most cliffs have shadow until 13:00-14:00, why not sharing your day between climbing and swimming?

The beautiful thing about Kalymnos isn’t solely the climbing experience; it’s the whole package it can offer you! Kalymnos is still considered an unspoiled, traditional, authentic Greek island. You will experience there the vibrant scene of Greek island life, picturesque architecture as well as incredibly interesting people who greet you so welcomingly to their island as if you were old friends! Most of them are sponge divers (or their family has at least one member that is!), so expect to hear some of the most fascinating diving stories you’ll ever hear! Unlike other Greek islands, you can still find inexpensive accommodation and food, which is – by the way- really delicious.

Kalymnos also has an interesting and colorful underwater ecosystem, so why not grab your goggles and go snorkeling? There are enough things to do on the island that you should never get bored, even on your climbing rest days!